Wikipedia Database – Freebies 2010 – Sunday Sep 5th,2010

He he he, here are what I am doing with my laptop on Sunday Sep 5th, 2010.

Download Wikipedia Database (WARNING: 6.07 GB compressed, up to 20 times that size uncompressed.))…

Note: If you are lacking of technical proficiency or simply you do not know what is called PHP, SQL, database… or just because you are lazy now, but you want to use Wikipedia OFFLINE, you may use Software bundle for Mediawiki.

I personally refer to using this one:

Note of note: Sure that is has some limited things when you compare to ONLINE Wikipedia, but it is still great for us ^0^),

Ok, here are some bonus for you. Some free things which may be useful for you! Click on Read the rest of this entry » bellow to read the whole post.

Hope it helps!

Source: Kiplinger

Source: Kiplinger

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