It is awesome! Very inspirational ideas!

Part 1 - Grafeno: dentro de 50 años (1ª parte)

Part 2 - Grafeno: dentro de 50 años (2ª parte)

Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori 深堀隆介 painted awesome 3-D goldfishes with acrylic paint on several layers of  transparent liquid resin, layer by layer one after another.

“Goldfish Salvation” Riusuke Fukahori from ICN gallery on Vimeo.

There are more beautiful photos about it available on Flickr by Dominicspics


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Bloom Where Ever You Are Planted

Bloom Where Ever You Are Planted

Image credits: unknown

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Image credit: unknown

We have to pay full price in advance to let success delivered!

We have to pay full price in advance to let success delivered!

To whom it may concern,

In response to all the disputes and concerns emerged around the distribution of “success” to our clients*, we hereby officially clarify that we treat all of our clients with the same policies and without any bias. For those who have not received the “success” they want, please kindly refer back to our payment policies below:

1. Success is not a free gift. Depending on various sizes, you must pay its price accordingly.
2. We do not offer any kind of discount, every client is supposed to pay full price.
3. We do not accept any kind of credit or partial payment, every client must pay full price in advance. Success will not be delivered until your full payment is made.

To your success,

From Your Truly
* “Clients” refers to those who are seeking for success of any kind.

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How to draw 101!

Creative, Funny, Life July 3rd, 2014

This is a great tut by Monika Zagrobelna. Found it useful from Z to A. Give it a try!–vector-20583

How to make ” Strawberry Men” Moso-Style いちごマン 作り方


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Đọc và xem một số hình ảnh của Saigon vào những năm 60, thấy quảng cáo này vui quá nên post lại.

Quảng cáo ấn tượng của Hynos Toothpaste vào những năm 196X:

Trồng lúa mới có lúa mà ăn, thế mà hiện nay nhiều người đã phải trồng răng mới có răng mà ăn.

Với Hynos Phophate – đánh răng sớm chiều – răng vững bền nhiều.



Protected: Human Behavior

Life, Research September 23rd, 2012

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Nestrest hanging chair

Biz, Creative, Life September 1st, 2012

I really love this design! It amazingly meets my expectation and requirements!

Wow, imaging that one day, you can put aside all worldly matters, stay peacefully in a green forest…  and … then wake up with singing birds, breathe the very first breath of your day under a just-came morning sun light, take a deep breath with the fresh wind just blew by…

Nestres Hanging Chair

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